(Note: Server takes a while to load as heroku needs to start it.)


"On a distant island, far far a way lived a tribe of hostile vikings and monsters. After a catastrophic event monsters are getting the upper hand and have destroyed all the villages on the island. Islanders have decided to get rid of the monsters one and for all to save them selves and the race of Tiny Vikings!" #lowrezjam


How to play:

Arrows to move, mouse for selecting monsters and doing fighting and yellow square in game view is actually a link, :)


Developer notes:

Tiny Vikings is a real-time multiplayer online game, therefore you can collaborate with your friends to kill the monsters. (You can also have fun alone by opening two browser windows - well, that is at least how I used to develop it).

Currenty there is two separate instances of the game online. However, they are running on free heroku instances are not best in terms of performance, and for me eu server tends to work better than the us.

Also, I cheated a bit with the fonts, didn't have time to implement them correctly. :-(



Programming - Mauno Vähä ( @maunovaha )

Graphics - Esa Hiltunen ( @esahiltunen )

Music - Pipping The Hunchback Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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